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Abby Winters
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Margaret Nolan
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Wanda Ablee | Zishy
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Ariel Rebel
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Saki Kishima | Zishy
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FTV Lindsey / Natalie Austin
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This year has been so full of change. So much so that its left me whirling. Art is a way of processing, turning chaos into something beautiful. I’ll be traveling to Scotland at the end of this summer to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festiaval. I’ll be practicing vulnerability and complete openness to art. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to shed my skin and become a new person. Say yes to adventure. Become the truest and most beautiful version of yourself.
All of my love the-foreign-stetson

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Kylie Page / Zishy
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Taking in the Eleven Ranges.
Tasha on the High Sierra Trail. Sequoia national Park, CA. December 2016.

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Mimesis in the Louvre’ | Charlotte Duberry, Nessa Norich, Jessica Hinds and Marina Lazzarotto | Outtake shot during the rehearsal of commissioned performances at the Louvre, in front of Regnault’s The Three Graces (“Les Trois Grâces”), 2010

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