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Thanks @bonni.belle
©2017 Ellis Marell Photography and Arts. All Rights Reserved.

Thank you.

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Lindy Benson

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This feels wonderful. Happy Wet Wednesday. Xoxo ❤😘

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Submitted by:
“I’ll give you my heart”

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Cleo and Larissa |
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Raven by FTV Girls
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Caroline FTV
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Franco Assenza, Untitled, n/d.

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Hello Mr. D,

I wanted to submit a photo to you in appreciation of your love for the bush. It’s so nice to know that guys find it sexy and appealing. I hope you like the photo. Love, ESD

Your bush has been my favorite here for quite some time now, and I am honored and ecstatic that you would share such a beautiful photo with me. I absolutely love it.

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Darren Ankenman
Nettie Harris
West Hollywood

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